2020 Annual General Meeting

The International Yoga Teachers Association (N.Z.) Inc. (IYTA (NZ))

Annual General Meeting 18 AUGUST 2020

Members are asked to consider and vote on several matters this year as part of the IYTA (NZ) 2020 Annual General Meeting (AGM). These matters are listed in the Voting Form or you can vote online here.

IYTA (NZ) is holding this year’s AGM by mail, email and online submission only.  This is the same process used since the 2009 AGM.

In the 2020 AGM there are two items to be voted on.  Please cast a vote for each of these.

The formal date for the IYTA (NZ) AGM is Tuesday, 18th August 2020.

Financial members (as at 18th August 2020) are invited to contribute in the following way:

   1. Read the President’s report.

  • Vote in favour, or not in favour, for Nicole Busbridge as President of IYTA (NZ) for 2020/2021.

   2. Read the Treasurer's report and annual financial statement.

  • Vote to agree, or not agree, to accept the report.

   3. Life Membership nominations:

There are no life membership nominations this year.

Read the information supporting these nominations.

  • Vote to support, or not support, these nominations.

Members can access all the AGM documents without having to log on.

  • Online - Fill out the Online 2020 AGM Voting Form and submit the form to vote



  • Postal - Mail your completed 2020 AGM Voting Form to:

      Susan Sheppard, IYTA (NZ) Inc., PO Box 20373, Bishopdale, CHRISTCHURCH 8051


  • Email - Download a copy of the 2020 AGM Voting Form (a Word document)
    and email your completed form as an email attachment to:

      Susan Sheppard

Both mailed and emailed Voting Forms need to post marked before midnight on 18th August 2020.

Your IYTA (NZ) membership must be current as at 18th August 2020, for your vote to be valid.

The National Executive thanks you in advance for your contribution to the 2020 AGM.